Lion Science Park, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu state.

Lion Science Park

About The Lion Science Park

Lion Science Park (LSP), University of Nigeria is the first University-based Science Park in continental Africa. It is planned to be one of the most attractive and creative environments for research and learning, knowledge exchange, innovations, inventions, technology for the future and business networking. It is a domain where the smart minds converge, interact and exchange ideas to develop new start-ups, improve existing businesses as well as contribute positively to the future for sustainable development.
It holds a unique triple helix research environment in which industry; government and academia collaborate closely in a shared ambition to drive innovation, creativity and business. LSP will operate according to plans, policies, programmes, practices and procedures that may vary from time to time due to Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) dynamics.

What we offer


Smart Desking and Co-working Spaces

Super excellent smart office spaces that suit your need. …flexible pricing too! Lion Science Park provides super smart offices, desk and spaces that you can use for a day, a week, a month, every other day, frequently or whenever you need to for start-ups, big companies, entrepreneurs, freelancers etc.


Facility Management

We offer complete facility management services and consultancy. Our facility managers ensure the smooth running of the work environment while you concentrate on running your business. We offer services that involves setting up your business space that suits you-specialized incubation, co-working spaces, startup, big company etc. We also maintain the buildings, Air conditioners, lighting, security and the entire business environment to international standard. Other unique services are also available. Let us have a discussion on your needs.


Angel Investing and Venture Capital Financing

Startups and early stage companies face the daunting financing hurdle in a bid to scale up their businesses and eventually become tech giants. We understand the struggle at this stage of a business and because we want to build a formidable technology innovation ecosystem in Nigeria, we therefore create the platform where Business Angels and Venture Capitalists in Nigeria/Africa can connect and interact with the innovators for funding options.
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Our Partners

Ideon Science Park, Sweden

Lund University, Sweden

LundaVision, Sweden

ACBF, Zimbabwe

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, China

OilServe limited

Our Focus Areas

Information & Communication Technology

Health and Medical Sciences

Sustainable Energy Systems


Waste to Wealth Technology

Industrial Electronics

Smart materials

Food/Agro Innovations

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