Lion Science Park, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu state.


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Being part of Lion Science Park means being part of a hot spot and a learning space. At the Lion Science Park you will meet clients, partners and academic expertise in a vibrant environment where things happen – all the time.



To Companies

The major reason for a tenant to be in at Lion Science Park is the competences that may be found nearby. The lecturers, the students, researchers and the science projects at the University of Nigeria have a big impact in solving companies’ problems. More benefits to companies include:

* Closer relation to the academic world. Bridging the gaps searching for new knowledge.

* Access to experts in a wide ranging fields, Biotechnology, Nano Technology, Software development and ICT Solutions, Engineering Sciences, Oil and gas exploration, Food Sciences and Technology, Agriculture and Agricultural engineering, Pharmaceutical Technology, Management Sciences, Environmental studies, Social sciences, Easier recruitment processes for smart talented people.

* Early insights into research that can lead to commercial opportunities

*Facilitation of the creation and growth of innovation-research based companies through incubation and spin-off processes. *Business support and office services.

*Possibilities to use open laboratory facilities and expanded networks (cluster organizations).



To Regions

The regional economy is of course a big winner as well in the creation of a successful science park. The science park becomes a catalysts for regional economic growth and stimulates growth and entrepreneurship through innovation which of course also creates jobs



To Universities

The University becomes renowned when a science park is created and gets more focus from the government especially when research goes to practice and creates new commercial opportunities. A science park facilitates the university-industry links and accelerates the flow of intellectual property into the economy. Lion Science Park also offers students and PhDs training and employment possibilities.