Lion Science Park, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu state.

Mission & Vision

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Our Vision

The goal is to make University of Nigeria a model example of university-based innovation initiatives to facilitate innovative research, creation of technology-based start-up enterprises and synergy among industry, academia and government with a view to creating a stronger national innovation system.

Our Mission

Be proactive in promoting creativity, innovation, invention and technology transfer for economic transformation and sustainable development.

Business and University Connect

Lion Science Park provides dynamic environment where business executives, technology enthusiasts, academic departments and world class research groups interact and collaborate, leading to innovative solutions and business opportunities. Residents at Lion Science Park also have direct access to a pool of over 40,000 smart and intelligent technology driven students of the University of Nigeria.

The LSP Opportunity

We also offer opportunities and support for start-ups to establish and grow. Resident companies have access to our business events as this boosts their knowledge in developments in innovation and helps them build network in their industry.

Land/office space allocation will be strictly on first come first served basis.