Lion Science Park, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu state.


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Our objectives includes:

*To build synergy between industry, academia and government;

*To establish and nurture technology based start-up enterprises;

*To assist existing companies become more innovative and entrepreneurial;

*To provide need-based STI management training to researchers, entrepreneurs and industry;

*To commercialize research, manage innovations, promote intellectual property and commercialize technologies;

*To render consultancy services in areas of institutional and infrastructural developments;

*To provide infrastructure and development facilities to technology-based enterprises;

*To assist individual inventors, SMEs, industry researchers, academia and other professionals;

*To facilitate industry sponsored research and innovation, contract research, and entrepreneurship development;

*To render business advisory services on the process of innovation, from idea conception to the product commercialization on the idea;

*To create, develop and foster the growth of technology-based enterprises through collaborations.

Being part of Lion Science Park means being part of a hot spot and a learning space. At the Lion Science Park you will meet clients, partners and academic expertise in a vibrant environment where things happen – all the time.

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