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Lion Laptop Assembly Complex

The Lion Laptop Assembly complex was commissioned on 7th October, 2017 by the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III at the 57th founder’s day ceremony of the University. The main objective is to make laptops affordable to students and researchers to facilitate their research and other trainings. Laptops are assembled at the assembly line at the least cost. This technological innovation will build and strengthen the capacity of engineering, computer science and other ICT students to be abreast with recent developments in laptop production. This innovation will revolutionize the technology sector to depend less on imported laptops as well as save scarce foreign exchange.

Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Office (IPTTO), UNN

The IPTTO has been established under the Vice Chancellor’s office specifically to promote and manage the IP policy and portfolio, namely patents, copyrights, designs and trademarks in the University. It is expected to foster strong collaboration between university and industry, provide patents registration and acquisition service, promote robust patent policy and drive commercialization of products of patents and innovations for economic rewards.

Roar Nigeria Hub

Roar Nigeria Hub is a community that provides professional support to technology enabled startups, researchers, entrepreneurs and SME’s. Her programs are designed to develop a new generation of innovators and creators that will provide local technology based solutions with a global perspective Roar Nigeria is hosted within University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) and is the 1st full-fledged university embedded technology Hub in West Africa, with a student population of nearly 40,000 and 12 institutions of higher learning within an hour drive from Enugu City. The Hub is a hotbed of ideas, invention and market induced solutions created with the concept of a triple helix (An interaction between Academia, Industry and Government) and hosted in a serene environment with researchers, students, industry and government within a stone throw distance.

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